Critical Points About Load-bearing Wall Removal

If you want to remove your house’s load-bearing wall, there are some important points you must know. Follow us to learn more about load-bearing wall removal.

First of all, it should be noted that all the exterior walls of houses are usually load-bearing. Interior walls can also be load-bearing, but these walls are more common in larger homes.
load-bearing wall removal

load bearing wall

It is easy to estimate whether a wall is load-bearing or not. Usually, if a wall is parallel to the beams above it, it is not a load bearing wall, but if the wall has a 90-degree angle with the beams, it is probably a load bearing wall. Remember that this is not a definite legal issue. A structural engineer is needed for accurate and definitive diagnosis.

It is essential to have a proper plan for removing the load bearing wall. Rest assured; it’s better to do this with planning. In most houses and buildings, you can remove this wall as much as you want. Just remember that the load bearing wall carries the weight of the building, and its removal must be done according to its own principles and methods.

It’s hard to install a beam or remove a load bearing wall; also, it is better for you to have a structural engineer participate in the process of removing the wall to determine the appropriate beam or lintel to withstand the load on the wall you want to remove.

Two important points about costs

Removing a load bearing wall is a costly task, but if removing it can make a very positive difference in the layout and decoration of the house and building, then it can be said that it is worth doing.
If we want to determine the approximate cost of repairing and removing the load bearing wall, we can say that this depends on the number of your floors. The more floors your house and building have, the higher the cost.

According to OBC, for any load bearing wall removal, you need to get a permit and discuss with a pro who has liability and also get a structural engineer at the site to do the drawing and permit process.